On February 27, 2023, Roselle’s Village Board voted to adopt comprehensive amendments to the Roselle Zoning Ordinance, as amended (1985), to be known as the Village of Roselle Zoning Ordinance of 2023.

The new Zoning Ordinance:

  • Modernizes the zoning code
  • Refines Findings of Fact Standards
  • Reorganizes, simplifies, and adds purpose statements for all Zoning Districts
  • Updates parking regulations
  • Updates notice processes
  • Refines ordinance organization, readibility, and clarity
  • Adds graphics/tables
  • Updates to current State Law Authority
  • Adds graphics and land use categories to definitions
  • Incorporates Design Guidelines from the Comprehensive Plan
  • Clarifies, reorganizes, and modernizes the Nonconformities section

Congratulations to the Village of Roselle and many thanks to Village staff, elected and appointed officials, and the community participants who made this achievement possible!

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