About the Project

The Village of Roselle is currently updating its Zoning Ordinance, which was adopted in 1985. The Village, and various applicants, have initiated multiple amendments over the years, but nothing on a comprehensive level.

Why does Roselle need to update its zoning ordinance?

Zoning ordinances do not necessarily have a “shelf life;” however, they can become out of date as new technologies, best zoning practices, and community concerns requiring regulation come about. The purpose of this assessment is to evaluate the code’s effectiveness in addressing the Village’s needs related to development and regulation of land uses, compare the ordinance’s structure and regulations to current best practices related to zoning administration, and update the zoning ordinance to align with the goals and recommendations set forth in the 2016 Comprehensive Plan. The updated ordinance will be a user-friendly document that creates a business-friendly environment, streamlines review processes, and reflects modern zoning standards and techniques.


The Village has hired a team of two consultants for this project: Teska Associates, a community planning firm based in Evanston, and Ancel Glink, a Chicago area law firm that specializes in local government and zoning. The consultant team will be working closely with the Village’s Planning staff throughout the update process.

How can residents participate?

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