Village Board Adopts Updated Zoning Ordinance

On February 27, 2023, Roselle’s Village Board voted to adopt comprehensive amendments to the Roselle Zoning Ordinance, as amended (1985), to be known as the Village of Roselle Zoning Ordinance of 2023.

The new Zoning Ordinance:

  • Modernizes the zoning code
  • Refines Findings of Fact Standards
  • Reorganizes, simplifies, and adds purpose statements for all Zoning Districts
  • Updates parking regulations
  • Updates notice processes
  • Refines ordinance organization, readibility, and clarity
  • Adds graphics/tables
  • Updates to current State Law Authority
  • Adds graphics and land use categories to definitions
  • Incorporates Design Guidelines from the Comprehensive Plan
  • Clarifies, reorganizes, and modernizes the Nonconformities section

Congratulations to the Village of Roselle and many thanks to Village staff, elected and appointed officials, and the community participants who made this achievement possible!

Zoning Update Public Hearing Draft Now Ready for Review

To date, the Village of Roselle’s zoning ordinance update process has included a public open house, meetings with the Village Board, Planning & Zoning Commission, and Zoning Board of Appeals, plus additional outreach to business owners, residents, and developers. A project Steering Committee reviewed and guided policy questions, now culminating in the Public Hearing Draft of Roselle’s updated zoning ordinance!

The Planning & Zoning Commission will hold public hearings to discuss the major changes to the current zoning ordinance draft on January 17, 2023 at 7PM at the Village Council Chambers. Final adoption by the Village Board is anticipated in February.

The updated ordinance will be more user-friendly by simplifying language, using diagrams and images to explain regulations, and modernizing terms and requirements for today’s world. For more information contact Community Development Manager, Caron Bricks, at 630-671-2806 or

New Year, New & Improved Zoning Ordinance!

By the end of 2020, the Village of Roselle is set to have a new and modern zoning ordinance, marking the first comprehensive update since 1985! In December, the consultant team held two meetings to formally kick-off the Roselle Zoning Ordinance Update.

Community Open House & Joint Special Meeting

On Wednesday, December 11th, 2019 the Village convened a joint special meeting of the Village Board, Planning and Zoning Commission, and Zoning Board of Appeals, paired with a community open house beforehand.

These two events gathered initial ideas on zoning issues and opportunities and informed the community of the zoning update process. Participants were asked to share their preferences on a range of topics that the zoning update will address, including: building design & landscaping in the Town Center and on industrial properties, signs, parking, yard elements, design guidelines, and residential sites and fences.

During the open house, feedback was solicited via a series of displays that invited votes on likes and dislikes about development in Roselle. The joint workshop was organized around a presentation with interactive polling questions, followed by small group discussions. Each small group consisted of members from the three Village bodies, encouraging cross-pollination of ideas and coordination between groups that typically do not have an opportunity to meet together. Mayor Maglio, who chaired the meeting, noted this and thanked all the members for their willingness to serve the Village of Roselle and work together on this important project.

Share Your IDeas

Thank you to all who participated on December 11th! These insights will be considered as we review and update Roselle’s zoning ordinance. We’d love to continue hearing from you —please share your zoning comments and ideas on the website here.

Next Steps

A formal zoning assessment is currently underway. The consultant team will share their review and analysis of the existing ordinance with the Planning and Zoning Commission in the coming weeks and then move on to drafting updated sections. We will continue to post news and documents on the project website, so be sure to enter your email at the bottom of this page to “Follow” for updates!

Welcome to the Project Website

Thank you for your interest in the Roselle Zoning Update! This project website is intended to serve as an online resource for all residents, businesses, property owners, and other stakeholders to learn more about the project, review draft materials, and provide feedback. Have a thought to share? Let us know here!

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