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“I love the effort Roselle is putting into this. Thank you for your hard work, I realize it’s mostly volunteer and thankless board members working on this. I think Roselle should be at the forefront of future trends. This includes roads and parking lots ready for electric cars. Our area should be attractive to the physically fit, the healthy, and eco friendly. One important issue I’d like to bring to the forefront. We have run out of space for native species. We coexist with skunks and coyotes because they have no place to go. The City of Roselle, the county of DuPage reports they are in our yards because of over development and habitat loss. I would like to see us keep their habitats in mind through the development process. We should have green space, trees, forests and places for residents to enjoy while seeing coyotes in their native habitats. I prefer my Roselle have that over additional condos, townhomes, and businesses. Can we consider opportunity to add this space? As far as buildings, we need modern look and feel, space for charging stations, etc. Have a look at the Cityline Development in Richardson Texas. I think it would be awesome to have something similar at Roselle Town Center. We would never be that big and we don’t want to be but the general concept is awesome.” –Roselle Resident